We envisage our party as the voice of Shropshire’s local communities, whether big or small, rural or urban, rich or poor. We aim to give a voice to those communities ignored and undermined by the stifling politics of centralised bureaucracies from Shirehall to Whitehall. We envisage empowered local communities within a wider local, regional and UK political framework where power is decentralised according to the principle of subsidiarity.


We will stand candidates for election to Shropshire Council, Telford & Wrekin Council, to Westminster, and any other relevant authority. We will also stand or support candidates for election to parish and town councils throughout Shropshire. We will engage with our local communities openly and transparently to select and support local candidates. We will campaign for democratic reform, openness and transparency at all levels of government, and we will seek hold our elected representatives to account. We will work with any other like-minded political parties, groups or organisations, within Shropshire or without, but always maintaining our political independence and integrity.

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