Whether or not you have political experience, we want candidates who care about our communities!

We are independent, not linked to or supportive of any established national political party. We believe in working for local communities, we don’t believe in old fashioned partisan politics – we will work with others who share our goals, locally and nationally. We welcome supporters from many different political backgrounds and none at all. Naturally we will tend to be more critical of those who currently hold power, especially when it has been for a long time and with no serious prospect of losing it. That should not be misinterpreted as a bias for or against certain parties.

Many of the problems which arise when one political party has a solid grip on power locally can and do occur with any national political party. What is needed is better democratic balance, to ensure whoever is in power is properly held to account. This will always produce more effective and less corrupt local government.
In most of Shropshire, the Conservatives are the dominant party of power, they have a stable two-third majority on Shropshire Council. None of the other parties are capable of threatening their position, we believe a new party, one which does not have the political baggage and background of established national parties, is necessary to provide an effective counterbalance against the Tories here. We would do exactly the same if it were Labour or anyone else. The current situation is inherently unhealthy and very costly for local communities, please consider joining us in change the way our county is run, for the better.

In May 2021 all seats on Shropshire Council will be up for election. That will be our big chance to make a stand for local communities and for our county. But we need to recruit as many people to stand as candidates as possible. Whether or not you have experience standing in council elections or in politics more generally, we want candidates who care about their communities first.

So if you agree with us, and if you believe in Shropshire, in our local communities and in making life better for everyone in them, then please consider standing as a candidate in the local election in May next year. To do so, get in touch!

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