Robert is the Shropshire Party candidate for the North Shropshire constituency in the 2019 General Election taking place on December 12.

About Robert

Photo of Shropshire Party candidate in North Shropshire, Robert Jones.
Robert Jones

I grew up in Baschurch in North Shropshire, and still live here today. I work for a local farmer and my children attend local primary and secondary schools. It would be the greatest honour of my life to represent my community, neighbours and people right across our constituency in parliament. 

I believe in democratic local empowerment. In putting local communities and their needs and interests first. Because the local community is where we all live, first and foremost. Yet local concerns and needs are all too often trampled on by bureaucratic councils and government, and by the interests of national political parties focused on power in Westminster and London, rather than communities and counties. 

Election Updates

Thank you for your support!

We got an incredible 1,141 votes in the North Shropshire constituency in Thursday’s General Election last week. Given the challenging circumstances, including the lack of time to plan and prepare for a snap election, the vastness of the constituency or the limited resources available to us, to have gained 2% of the vote is a…

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Shropshire Party candidate makes pledge on climate change

Shropshire Party Parliamentary Candidate for North Shropshire, Robert Jones, today affirmed his commitment to tackling climate change by signing a ‘Climate Action Pledge’ promoted by Friends of the Earth. Robert commented: “Today I signed the ‘Friends of the Earth Climate Action Pledge’. I did so after being contacted by a number of residents and voters…

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Shropshire Party candidate stands against Owen Paterson in North Shropshire

The Shropshire Party is standing its first ever candidate in the North Shropshire constituency against the incumbent Conservative former environment secretary, Owen Paterson. Robert Jones is a lifelong resident who previously stood for election to Shropshire Council in the Ruyton and Baschurch ward in 2017. Robert Jones, Shropshire Party candidate in North Shropshire Robert commented:…

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My Manifesto

Fighting Corruption

The current MP for North Shropshire is Owen Paterson. He has represented the constituency for a number of years but recently he has been accused of lobbying for private firms and by using a registered company to receive donations has avoided having to declare the identity of those donors as he would have to under any other circumstances. These kinds of activities should be stopped. MPs earn sufficient salary and should be dedicated primarily to working for their constituents, rather than using their position at parliament to for their own economic interests. I will work in parliament to change the law and close loopholes that allow these and other activities which are against the public interest.


A major issue in this election is Brexit. Boris Johnson promised to take the UK out of the EU on the 31st of October but has failed. Although he has negotiated a new Brexit deal, he only did this after parliament effectively forced him and ‘no deal’ was taken off the table. Whether his deal is better or worse, it should be debated in and ultimately approved or rejected by parliament. It could then be submitted subject to a referendum in order to proceed in the same democratic spirit in which Brexit began.

Owen Paterson has played a central role in delaying Brexit, by repeatedly voting against Theresa May’s deal, and against any other reasonable compromise which could have achieved Brexit sooner. He has repeatedly and consistently argued for leaving the EU without a deal. We now know that this would be extremely destructive to North Shropshire’s rural and agricultural economy, with Boris’s government proposing zero-rate tariffs on many agricultural goods which would expose consumers to cheaper, inferior imports which could endanger public health whilst putting farmers and suppliers in the UK out of business. Owen Paterson’s ideological commitment to trading with the EU and the world under WTO rules only is extremely dangerous to the economy, jobs and prosperity locally.

I believe that in leaving the EU we should preserve Britain’s vital access to the common market, protecting jobs and the economy whilst also seeking new economic opportunities around the world; and without harming the UK’s internal union or peace on the island of Ireland. This is a reasonable, sensible Brexit. A logical compromise between fanatics and hardliners on either extreme of the debate.

Local Communities

I want to give a voice to local needs and communities. Many of the most important public services we use every day are delivered not by central government in London, but by local councils. But local government today is weakened and emaciated by centralised power-politics. In parliament, I would stand up for the needs of communities, towns and villages in our constituency and across Shropshire. I will campaign for devolution that can give local government the powers to tackle important local issues in housing, health, transport and the economy.

Protecting our NHS

Shropshire NHS is under threat. Boris Johnson promised to spend £350m a week on the NHS, now he promises to build new hospitals. But in reality frontline NHS services are being cut. In Shropshire, the closure of Telford’s A&E will put increased pressure on Shrewsbury’s A&E and threatens the ability of our local NHS to operate effectively to meet local needs. I will campaign to keep both A&Es open, or for a compromise that can improve access to emergency treatment evenly and fairly for the whole county.

Democracy and Reform

Brexit has exposed the weaknesses and flaws of the UK’s politics and constitution which were designed for an entirely different age. We need reform to put an end to the electoral scam of ‘safe seats’ which give MPs like Owen Paterson a job for life. It is vital that we have an electoral system where every single vote counts, regardless of which constituency you live in!

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  1. Agree with every aspect of the above, but a vote for you would sadly be a vote wasted. Owen Patterson should have been prevented from standing, as should Boris, as those who have been shown to be dishonest have no place in our Parliament.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I understand and appreciate your concerns, but respectfully disagree that a vote for me would be wasted. On the contrary, it would help send a clear message against Owen Paterson and what he stands for. Regards, Robert.

  2. It takes a brave strong person to vote against overwhelming odds and on this occasion if people could have the courage of their beliefs and not be afraid of change and the ‘status quo’ then these ‘wasted votes will increase and become significant. When our 17 year old son, one evening, mentioned some details about the current North Shropshire MP, and his economies of truths about business declarations I thought about our son and his future generation’s aspirations and their vision including transparency, honesty and governance; I decided to be brave for our son and young family and use my ‘valuable’ vote against the establishment and be independent and so for the first time ever, this 60 year old wants to put my faith in the youth of today and will proudly vote for the SHROPSHIRE PARTY.

  3. Go Robert – you have my vote. I’ve decided I cannot in good conscience vote Conservative and the Labour Party under the two Marxists positively terrifies me…’ve provided a genuine alternative. Less of the centralised ‘big government’ nonsense and a dose of common-sense local leadership. Well done!!! Dan

    1. Hi Dan, thanks your your comment and support! We really appreciate it.
      We’d be happy to send you a correx board you could display. Please drop us an email to with your address and we’ll see if we can get you one!

  4. Robert, I received your electoral leaflet today and have visited your site. Sadly, I and my wife have already voted, though not for Paterson or Johnson [I hesitate to use the familiarity of a given-name for either, as I do not wish to be seen to have any affinity with such a scoundrels . We do need electoral reform, too. I presume that you have visited the website of the national daily, The Guardian, and put in Paterson’s name, and you will find the whole
    sordid story of his lobbying, including companies, etc. I wrote to my local paper The Market Drayton Advertiser, but the senior editor of Shropshire Star newspapers refused to publish anything about the issue, saying that it would be unfair to Mr. Paterson, as he had already denied any wrong-doing. So much for the Shropshire Star Tory mafia. I went to the husting at Mkt.Drayton last week, but the chair person, Ms. Copper from Radio Shropshire refused to take my question about lobbying. Paterson made the fatuous remark about having visited the Whitchurch foodbank, but when asked questions about the growth of foodbanks commented that there had always been poor people, which obviously solved the issue in his mind.
    That from a man, who has been able to enhance his income by a cool
    £160,000+ [bad enough, but not as big as Johnson’s financial heist,
    almost 3/4 of a million £]
    I wish you success.
    Colin W. Garnett

  5. I received your election communication through my door today, thanks. I agree with most of the points you make. I can never vote Tory, I lived in Yorkshire during the 1980s and I saw how they destroyed whole communities. That said, as a staunch leaver, I agree with Owen Patterson’s opposition to the EU, and Theresa May’s idiotic sham of a ‘deal’, although perhaps for different reasons. The Labour Party is a disgrace, caring more for foreigners than the British working class nowadays. Marxist Corbyn, the supporter of the IRA and Al Quaeda? Not a chance! The LibDems are a disgrace to their name, they’re neither liberal nor democratic. The Greens are a bunch of middle-class hippies with a sinister agenda – watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside. So I will give you my vote. Good luck.

  6. I feel really disappointed, the first I heard of SP was when I saw it on my ballot paper, I would have voted for you if I had known about it.

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