Dodgy Developer Given Green Light for 600 Oswestry Homes

On Wednesday (22/4/20) Shropshire Council granted planning permission for 600 homes to the east of Oswestry to developer ‘J Ross Developments’, the same development company involved in the renovation of Brogyntyn Hall and the construction of luxury homes within the grounds of the estate, about which neither Shropshire Council nor the developer have answered a series of important questions.

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When it came to light in 2018 that ‘J Ross Developments’ had submitted inaccurate information in its planning application relating to Brogyntyn Hall by dramatically overstating the value of the property, Shropshire Council appeared to be looking the other way, ignoring advice about J Ross Development’s dodgy valuation figures, refusing to investigate the matter or answer important questions. The over inflated valuation might have enabled the developer to make substantially more money from the project than allowed under Historic England’s rules and was also the basis for the Council waiving obligations for developers to provide affordable housing or pay the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Now the same dodgy developer has secured authorisation from the Council to go ahead with this massive 600-home construction project which will include just a handful of affordable homes. The news raises, yet again, serious questions about Shropshire Council’s planning policy transparency and its relationship with development companies like J Ross Developments.

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