Budget 2020: Our Response

Much of Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s budget was as to be expected in the circumstances, and whilst there was some good news for Shropshire with announced funding for the Pant-Llanymynech by-pass, and extra money for filling potholes (hopefully to be spent only on pot holes and not pothole consultants or resurfacing councillors’ driveways). But on the key pressures facing local authorities, in particular the ever growing social care bill, there was only silence.

But the budget also included good news from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with millions of pounds to be made available for devolved governments, as well as a £1.8bn devolution deal for West Yorkshire. Regions with devolved government and with regional parties speaking up for them get the money and the attention from Westminster politicians. If Shropshire keeps predictably electing MPs and councillors from the same old parties then we will never get more power or money for our communities. Shropshire deserves better, and that’s why we’re fighting for our county’s future.

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