Shropshire Party candidate makes pledge on climate change

Shropshire Party Parliamentary Candidate for North Shropshire, Robert Jones, today affirmed his commitment to tackling climate change by signing a ‘Climate Action Pledge’ promoted by Friends of the Earth.

Robert commented: “Today I signed the ‘Friends of the Earth Climate Action Pledge’. I did so after being contacted by a number of residents and voters from across the North Shropshire constituency. Under the pledge, I commit to treating the Climate Emergency with all the seriousness it deserves. If elected, I will consider the climate crisis a ‘deal-breaker’ in parliamentary votes and I will support measures to cut carbon and greenhouse gas emissions rapidly. The emergency we face is real, it’s serious, and it is threatening people and communities around the world and right here in Shropshire.

“In recent weeks we have seen considerable and persistent flooding in our county. I work in agriculture and I have seen first-hand how flooding can cause damage and costs for farmers and other businesses in our county. Climate change, through its impact on weather patterns, has the potential to cause considerable economic harm in the short term. In Yorkshire and elsewhere recently we have seen the damage and suffering it can cause to families and individuals when their homes are flooded. We have seen how it has the potential to do much more damage, destroying communities and taking human life.

“Tackling climate change requires action at different levels of government, from the local to the global. The Shropshire Party and I believe that our county can do its fair share by investing in and improving the local public transport network. We need affordable, reliable and highly integrated bus and train services to connect up all parts of the county and reduce the dependence on cars. Such a shift in local transport would not only bring benefits by reducing carbon emissions, but would also reconnect communities, improve access to public services like doctors, schools and hospitals for people who don’t have independent access to a car, and create economic opportunities from increased and less expensive mobility for everyone.

“I would strongly urge anyone in North Shropshire who cares about the climate crisis to consider carefully how they vote. I note that as recently as this week Owen Paterson has continued to reject the seriousness and gravity of the climate threat. But today it is not the Somerset Levels which are flooded, but many parts of his own constituency. He was sacked in 2014 as Environment Secretary for his attitude to climate change, he should be sacked again now by the people of North Shropshire.”

In addition to signing the Friends of the Earth Climate Action Pledge, Robert Jones will also be attending the ‘Environment Hustings’ being organised for December 4 at Eastern Oswestry Community Centre in Oswestry.

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  1. If we do leave the EU will the ridiculous grant’s payed to farmers and land owners Stop and allow surpluses of foodstuffs eg cerial crops to be sent to the countries that cannot feed there people because of drought or War?

    1. Hi Andy, when we have left the EU, if subsidies to farmers and landowners will continue, but paid directly by the government. We need considerable reform to those payments to change the way they impact farms and rural communities, to tackle climate change and to benefit small holders and family farms rather than encourage the agglomeration of ever bigger farms. Regarding surpluses, these are a consequence of the subsidies as currently paid. If they end or work differently, then the surpluses would end. Sending food aid to areas in an emergency such as you mention is a good use for surpluses, but sending them when there is no urgent need risks flooding markets in developing countries with cheap food and destroying livelihoods of local farmers, so we need to be careful. Thanks for your question.

  2. Well done Robert. You have my vote. I was so disillusioned with all the parties and was minded to not vote. Now I have a Shropshire Lad to vote for. A strong and independent voice for Shropshire.

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