Shropshire Party candidate stands against Owen Paterson in North Shropshire

The Shropshire Party is standing its first ever candidate in the North Shropshire constituency against the incumbent Conservative former environment secretary, Owen Paterson. Robert Jones is a lifelong resident who previously stood for election to Shropshire Council in the Ruyton and Baschurch ward in 2017.

Robert Jones
Robert Jones, Shropshire Party candidate in North Shropshire

Robert commented: “It would be the greatest honour of my life to represent North Shropshire and its communities and residents in parliament. I believe in local empowerment. In putting local communities and their needs and interests first. We live in one of the most centralised countries in the western world and ordinary people have never been more distant from those who govern them. It’s time for a new kind of politics, where power is shared fairly and appropriately and decisions are taken as close to the people affected by as practical, not horded in the halls of a crumbling palace in London.

“I’m also standing in protest at the questionable financial affairs of Mr Paterson, being paid more to represent two companies in Northern Ireland than his own constituents, effectively profiteering from his privileged position as our elected representative. There are also important and unanswered questions about who has funded his overseas trips to the US and elsewhere.

“Change will only happen if we make it happen. I urge everyone in North Shropshire who wants change to vote Robert Jones on December 12.”

Find out more about Robert on his campaign page. Support his campaign by donating to his Crowdfunder appeal.

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