A Party for all Shropshire

We are a political party for all of Shropshire and for all of its people, whether they were born and raised here or have chosen to live here. We reject all forms of arbitrary discrimination and embrace the inherent diversity of all individuals and communities within our society.

An Independent Voice

We seek to be a strong and independent voice for the people of Shropshire, standing up for the interests of our local communities and free from the influence of the big parties and their power interests which often eclipse local concerns. We reject the divisive politics of left and right, and will seek to build a broad consensus for government locally and beyond.

Respecting our Heritage

We are proud of our county and its immense historical, cultural, social, environmental and economic heritage. We will endeavour to preserve that heritage and ensure that we can hand it down to future generations intact or improved.

Building a Brighter Future

We believe in our county’s potential. We will build a better, fairer and more prosperous future for Shropshire and its people. But to be successful, our pursuit of progress must respect ecological and social realities and the need for long term economic and environmental sustainability.

Grassroots Democracy

We believe that decision making should always be carried out at the closest practicable level to the people affected, with higher levels of government performing only those tasks which cannot be effectively performed at a more local level. We believe that a truly democratic society must be built upon the empowerment of individuals and local communities.

Empowering Our Communities

We will fight further centralisation of local government and campaign for a fairer distribution of power around our county so important decisions are taken by the people they affect and not by distant bureaucrats. We will campaign for devolution to transfer real powers back to our county from Westminster, and for a fairer democratic settlement for the whole of the UK. To achieve this, we will work together with like-minded parties and organisations.


Nowhere can stand alone in isolation. A successful society understands the mutual interdependence between individuals, communities, regions and nations and its importance for our development. Only by co-operating can we hope to address common and mutual problems, as well as build a stronger and better future for everyone.

Transparency and Accountability

Excessive centralisation of political and economic powers and a lack of democratic opposition and scrutiny in government at any level is a recipe for poor decision-making, inefficiency and corruption. We will seek to hold politicians at all levels of government to proper account, from parish and town councils to Shirehall and beyond. We will campaign for electoral reform in order to end unchallenged one-party control of councils.

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