• A party that stands up for local communities and puts Shropshire first.
  • A party which isn’t driven by divisive or partisan politics of left and right.
  • A party untethered to the Westminster bubble and power politics.
  • A party of ordinary people, communities and local businesses.

Whether its the future of our local NHS services, or the way communities are served by our councils, we will look at issues on their own merits and make policy decisions based on evidence and in the interests of our communities, environment and our economy.

We will fight further centralisation of local government and campaign for a fairer distribution of power around our county so important decisions are taken by the people they affect and not by distant bureaucrats.

We will campaign for devolution to transfer real powers back to our county from Westminster, and for a fairer democratic settlement for the whole of the UK, and work with other like-minded parties and organisations elsewhere.

Shropshire isn’t an isolated island, but a county with close social and economic links to neighbouring counties and part of the broader West Midlands and Mid Wales regions. Shropshire needs a strong voice in these regional relationships to ensure our county’s needs and interests aren’t overlooked by devolved administrations.

We want to make this happen. We want to stand candidates across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin at the next elections. Support us and help give our communities a voice. Become a candidate and be that voice.

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